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Acriflex Antiroot

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Anti root waterproofing liquid membrane based on cement to waterproof green roofs, garden roofs, flower boxes, foundations, green walls and underground walls. It does not need an anti root pretection and it is not dangerous for plant health.

Acriflex Antiroot


2.20 kg/m²

If applied without mesh the yield is 2.00 kg/m².

Drying time:


Value referred to a temperature of 20 °C and with relative humidity level of 40%.



Colors shown are for illustrative purpose.


25 kg plastic bucket

Anti root waterproofing liquid membrane based on cement. Its special formulation rejects any type of roots without damaging the plant.

It thus result the ideal solution to waterproof with positive pressure green roofs, roof gardens, green walls, foundations, underground walls and any green areas. Characterized by high technology content, it can be applied by roll, brush, water squeegee or airless.

It does not need a further anti root protection and it guarantees a higher profitability for the applicator. Highly resistant to ponding water, wearing, UV rays, freezee-thaw cycles and weathering, It does not need periodic maintenance and it is not dangerous for plant health.

Highly elastic and long lasting, it has a total cold application without joints or overlappings

  • Quick application: roll, brush or air-less
  • It allows to waterproof applying low thicknesses levels
  • Effective also on damaged surfaces
  • It can be applied also during winter season (up to +5°C).
  • Once dry (from 30 to 180 minutes) it becomes rain-resistant
  • Anti-root: it doesn't need special protection layers against roots pressure
Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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