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Acriflex pH 4

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Cement fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane with high chemical resistance.

Acriflex pH 4


2.5 kg/m²


Drying time:


Value referred to a temperature of 20°C and 40% of relative humidity.




25 kg KIT

Two-component, fiber-reinforced liquid waterproofing membrane, formulated with water-based acrylic resins and cement, effective even at low temperatures. Resistant to UV rays, critical PH values, low and high temperatures and to continuous freeze-thaw cycles. Suitable to waterproof tanks containing extremely acid or basic substances.

  • Quick and easy application
  • Resistant to pH levels between 2 and 12
  • High traction resistance
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Effective waterproofing with low-thickness layers
  • Suitable for direct contact with the acid or basic substance
Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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