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Acriflex Winter

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Two component waterproofing liquid membrane based on cement, water based acrylic resin, for balconies, terraces, swimming pools, tanks, cisterns, flat roofs, foundations, bituminous or slated membranes, parking areas, flashings, concrete structures and under tiles applications.

Acriflex Winter


2.20 kg/m²

If applied without mesh the yield is 2.00 kg/m².

Drying time:


Value referred to a temperature of 20 °C and with relative humidity level of 40%




25 kg plastic bucket

Two-component liquid waterproofing membrane with high technology content. Highly elastic and long lasting, resistant to ponding water, UV rays, high and low temperatures, weathering agents and to freeze-thaw cycles.

It can be applied with low thicknesses without overloading the loft and it is suitable to waterproof in positive pressure both small and big surfaces, indoor and outdoor, both in vertical and horizontal.

Compare to traditional waterproofing liquid membranes, Acriflex Winter is characterized by a high resin content respect to cement. It is thus possible to obtain a mixture that can be applied by roll, brush, air less, or water squeegee that present a higher pot-life during summer and it increases the profitability of the work because it is faster and easier to apply.

It reduces the probability of error by the applicator because it is applicable without joints and overlappings. It does not need a covering screed and it protects the underlying structure by the absorption and infiltrations of water. Its multi purpose allows applications over different kind of supports and for different scope

  • Quick application: roll, brush or air-less
  • It allows to waterproof applying low thicknesses levels
  • It can be also applied onto existing floor
  • Effective also on damaged surfaces
  • Tiles can be pasted directly on the product, using a good adhesive for outside
  • It can be made walkable using Floorgum Paint (see technical data sheet) or vehicular using Floorgum Tyre (see technical data sheet)
  • It can be coated using a finishing product line
  • It can be applied also during winter season (up to +5°C)
Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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