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Diathonite Cork Render - What it is?

Diathonite Cork Render

Diathonite Cork Render is the latest evolution of coloured finish: it is not an ordinary paint, but a real protective coating that acts like a second skin. It decorates, it contributes effectively to thermal and acoustic insulation of walls, it maintains the breathability of walls, it protects against water infiltrations and it avoids cracks and lesions.

Diathonite Cork Render summarizes the whole Diasen experience and know-how concerning cork manufacturing, walls and facades protection, housing comfort and energy saving. Diathonite Cork Render is a coloured finish coating formulated with 100% water-based acrylic resins and pure granular cork, with selected and controlled granulometry.

Cork is a natural material, quickly renewable and absolutely not dangerous for the environment and human health. A single-component and ready to use product, available in many different colours, quick and easy to apply, that protects and decorates any kind of facade, wall or floor in a smart, elegant and practical way.

Application Fields

  • Decoration and restoration of facades;

  • Decoration of floors and anti-slip coating;

  • Indoor application on walls and floors.

Diathonite Cork Render
Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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