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Diathonite Screed - What it is?

Diathonite Screed

Diathonite Screed is the premixed thermal screed based on cork, suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of floors and roofs. A lightweight but resistant solution, suitable both for internal and external application, even in low thickness. An eco-friendly product made of natural raw materials like cork.


Energy Saving

Excellent insulation against cold and heat. Keeps walls warm in winter and cool in summer.


Mechanical Strenght

High compression resistance. It can be used both indoor and outdoor, and gives walls strength and resistance.


Low Thickness

Diathonite Screed can be applied with a minimum thickness of 4 cm. Ideal for refurbishment, with restricted thickness requirements



Diathonite is 3 times lighter than traditional plasters. It does not weigh down the structure, limits CO2 emissions during transport and waste production.


Acoustic properties

Thanks to cork and its porous structure, Diathonite contributes to sound absorption and acoustic insulation.


Protection from fire

Diathonite does not burn and does not emit smoke. Euroclass A1 fire resistant.


Eco-compatible product

Diathonite is a completely natural product, and its use contributes to LEED credits.

Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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