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On schools, churches, theaters, auditoriums, conference rooms, libraries, hotels and all other public or private establishments used by the community, Diasen can intervene with its resolutive solutions.

Diathonite plaster, thanks to its thermal, acoustic and dehumidifying features, can be used for thermal insulation of perimeter walls, for acoustic insulation of partition walls, for the elimination of echoes and reverberation and to realize projects of rehabilitation and energy improvement. In fact this is the only one system both thermal and dehumidifying, able to restore walls affected by rising dampness and simultaneously to provide an high-performance insulating layer.

Another Diathonite benefit is its high sound absorption coefficient, that makes it a quick and easy solution to realize coatings designed to eliminate echoes, reverberations and rumblings in very large structures, such as churches, theaters and auditoriums.

Diasen waterproofing systems can be used to insulate roofs and all other structures exposed to rain and other weathering agents. These systems, if used in conjunction with the other finishes, form solutions even more versatile and flexible, that combine waterproofing action with multi-functional coatings; thus allowing the creation of surfaces suitable for different purposes: walkable, pedestrian or highly reflective surfaces, suitable to be in direct contact with food, or aggressive substances such as acids or hydrocarbons.

At the same way, coating range products, if used individually, represent alternatives solutions to traditional floorings in all those situations where it is needed to prepare a surface for a particular purpose. From this point of view, liquid resins are a valid solution to realize multi-purpose playing courts, both indoor and outdoor.

Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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