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Diaseal Strong

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Technical Sheet

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One component polyurethane sealant and waterproofing filler, elastomeric water based, characterized by high filling capacity, to waterproof joints, iron bars and difficult points in general..

Diaseal Strong


according to consumption

See technical data sheet.

Drying time:


Value referred to a temperature of 20 °C and with relative humidity level of 40% for each mm of thickness.





600 cc cartridge

One component polyurethane sealant, to waterproof and seal dilatation joints, iron bars, junction between prefabricated panels and all difficult points in general.

It is characterized by its high elasticity and filling capacity. To be applied manually by spatula or by extrusion gun.
  • Easy to use
  • It follows the movements of the support
  • Ageing resistant
  • High resistance to heat (>60°C)
  • Elastic even at -40°C
  • Excellent resistance to micro-organism and to contact with chemical products
  • Suitable to seal joints on swimming pools
  • Suitable if in contact with drinkable water
  • Ageing resistance
Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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