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Epokoat Food

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Technical Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Declaration of Performance

Epoxy paint suitable for vehicles and food environments.


0.35 kg/m²

 Value referred if applied to smooth surface.

Drying time:


Value referred to a temperature of 20 °C and with relative humidity level of 40%.





25 kg plastic bucket

Epoxy paint, solvent-free, suitable for professional structures working in contact with food substances like canteens, dairies, butcheries and food industry in general. Thanks to its high mechanical resistance, the product can be used to realise continous floorings and coatings without leaks, suitable for heavy vehicles transit such as forklifts and working trucks.

  • Suitable for vehicles
  • Easy application
  • Applicable on horizontal and vertical
  • Certified for alimentary use
  • Easy to clean
  • It realizes a continous coating without leaks
Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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