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In these particular areas Diasen solutions are focused mostly on the needs of protection of buildings from the water and its degradation effects over time. Waterproofing systems for the protection of concrete structures such as: bridges, viaducts, canals and reservoirs; solutions for waterproofing in counterthrust of facilities such as tunnels or underground structures.

Through Diasen resins it is possible to realise multifunctional surfaces such as multipurpose playgrounds, cycle tracks, parking areas, floors and coatings in general (all of them suitable to be in contact with different types of substances), up to the modern reflective coatings for road signs demarcation.

Diasen also offers solutions for the sealing in presence of groundwater through the use of new technologies based on sodium bentonite, ideal for the construction of structures with groundwater presence or of artificial reservoirs.

Diasen acoustic insulation technologies, created traditionally for civilian or residential buildings, find also in this area a new and innovative scope. Diathonite plaster, thanks to its unique soundproofing features, it’s going to be used increasingly to eliminate the reverberation caused by the passage of cars on high-traffic roads.

Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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