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Flooring - Industrial

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Epoxy coating
Realization of high resistant epoxy flooring, to be used indoor.

Epoxy coating for foodstuff
Realization of high resistance epoxy flooring, suitable for food environments such as bacheries, dairies, slaughterhouses, etc...

Epoxy coating for corrosive substances
Realization of high resistance epoxy flooring, high resistant to chemical substances, corrosive and pollutant, for indoor use.
Flooring - Industrial

Covering of a building, both flat or inclined, generally presents issues related to water infiltrations. Diasen waterproofing solutions allow a rapid and definitive insulation to every kind of floorings.

One of the best benefits is the possibility to work on surfaces already waterproofed with the traditional bitumen membrane. A huge part of the industrial buildings made in the past present a waterproofing system based on bitumen membranes applied by flame with weldings. A cheap technology, but with problems related to its durability over years.

Removal and disposal of bitumen membranes in compliance with current regulations represents a remarkable cost for any company who want to restore the coverings of its building structures. Diasen solutions allow to work directly onto existing substrate, thanks to the combined use of adhesion coadjuvants and waterproofing systems characterized by high elasticity values. In this way it is possible to avoid bitumen membrane disposal costs, and to obtain the assurance of Diasen guaranteed result.

The combined use of Diasen coatings and waterproofing solutions may also make the flooring suitable for many different purposes, depending by the particular use is needed, making it congenial for pedestrian or vehicular transit. A solution that is growing up really fast, especially in few recent years, is the ultra reflective coating, that allows a reduction of the overheating, due to solar radiation, on the rooms below the trated support. This system is ideal if combined with the installation of photovoltaic panels: recent studies have shown that photovoltaic systems applied onto reflective surfaces, increase their efficiency of about 15-20%.

Thick epoxy coating
Realization of a auto-levelling thick epoxy coating, to use on indoor irregular surfaces.

Counterthrust waterproofing coating
Wateproofing in counterthrust for any kind of surface.

Epoxy filler for concrete floors repairing
Highly resistant epoxy filler, to repair cracks or lesions in cement or concrete surfaces.

Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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