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Swimming Pool

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Liquid waterproofing system for swimming pools
Waterproofing for swimming pools, appliable even on surfaces already coated with mosaic or tiles.
Swimming Pool

Concerning swimming pools realisation, Diasen proposes a waterproofing system characterized by versatility and a very quick application timing, that can be applied onto many different kind of surfaces.

This waterproofing system, if combined with an adequate adhesion coadjuvant, can be also applied onto already existing and paved swimming pools, that present leaks and infiltrations, allowing their recovering without proceeding to the demolition and disposal of the existing substrate.

The finishing can be realised using an epoxy resin, tested to be in continuous contact with water. This solution allows to realise a swimming pool covering quicker compared with the traditional one, with ceramic tiles or mosaic.

This system is the ideal solution both for internal and external applications, and is considered to be a really valid solution to realise swimming pools of any shape and size.

Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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