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Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

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Diathonite Evolution
Natural eco-friendly plaster, for external wall insulation, formulated with cork, natural hydraulic lime, clay and diatomaceous earth, with high thermal insulation power, sound-absorbing, breathable and dehumidifying.

Diathonite Deumix
Natural eco-friendly eco-compatible plaster with high-dehumidifying capacity, formulated with pure natural hydraulic lime, cork, clay and diathomeic powders. To be used for dehumidification and restoration of walls affected by rising damp.

Diathonite Evolution,Diathonite Deumix,Diathonite Acoustix,Diathonite Screed

Diasen offers breathable products for the insulation of walls, interior or exterior, characterized by high efficiency, high permeability, high performance and by the best thermal conductivity value.

The products can be used for heat insulation and cooling insulation, providing an excellent thermo-hygrometry, a long-lasting insulation and allowing the achievement of a high comfort and welfare housing in full compliance with technical standards.

The versatility of Diasen insulating products allows them to be used for new construction, for old construction, for renovation and energy requalification, for facades and partition walls.

Diathonite Acoustix
Premixed plaster to be used for the construction of sound-absorbing coatings, acoustic insulation of facades and partition walls. Composed by cork, clay, diatomeic powders and hydraulic binder.

Diathonite Screed
Premixed compound for the realization of thermal lightened screeds, made with cork, clay, diathomeic powder and pure natural hydraulic lime.

Tel/ 0496 39 34 03, 0489 27 17 53
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